Equality Aware was set up in 2016, and promotes & delivers human rights and equality based education. We work in some of the following areas; Gender Equality, Human Trafficking Awareness Training, Peacebuilding and conflict resolution, Cultural Awareness, Development Education and global citizenship. Our educational training and awareness workshops are designed for both adult and youth learners and open to community groups & organisations wishing to develop their learning and skills in areas of Human Rights and Equality.
We have worked with over 450 students in schools across Donegal, with learners enrolled in the YouthReach programme and YMCA STEPS Programme, community groups in Donegal, Dublin and Leitrim. And internationally in Serbia. Equality Aware welcomes new opportunities to work and support the learning of people locally and globally.
Mission: To support the empowerment and education of communities to recognise their human rights and challenge injustice.

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