Equality Aware provides a training and facilitation service, we customise, design and deliver training workshops.

Examples of our completed designed and delivered Workshops 

Coming and Going: Focusing on migration, why people leave their home countries locally and globally and the impact conflict has on migration. Raising awareness to the challenges faced by people who find themselves becoming refugees and the need to support and ensure human rights.

Conflict & the Role of Law: Everyday we hear reports of conflict causing social destruction. It’s therefore important we work to understand the causes, consequences, management and prevention of conflict. Looking at the causes of conflict looking at examples of Bosnia, Afghanistan and Syria. And the roles the international community and law has in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Healthy Starts Local & Global Maternal Health: Introduction to the former Millennium Development Goals with a focus on maternal health. Opening up participant learning and discussion to development issues and the links between local and global. Raising awareness to local & global maternal health development issues and the relationship between gender inequality and poverty to development.

Human Trafficking Awareness: Raising awareness to the crime that is human trafficking, providing participants with an understanding to the issue of trafficking & exploitation locally and globally. Introduction to the identifying factors of trafficking & exploitation and examples of community responses to help prevent and end this crime.

Our Rights, Our Freedoms Always: To build awareness to human rights and how they impact our lives.  To enable participant to recognise and understand the role we all have in ensuring, protecting and promoting human rights.

Youth Introduction to Human Rights and Gender Equality: Introduction to human rights and the issue of gender inequality locally and globally, its impact on society and the ways in which we can support and create gender equality.